estate baron


Is your Asset suitable for tokenization?

Is the asset currently not recorded in a centralized registry operated by the government or a state approved 3rd party?

Eg. Real estate, listed sercurities, cars, etc.

Estate Baron launched
August 2014
1st Offer live
December 2014
3 Offers live
June 2015
Full retail securities offering
June 2016
Launched Konkrete as a
STO platform
1st STO Retail
August 2018
Distributed Registry / MVP
Other Asset tokenization
1st product Factorium
Asset Tokenization
September 2019
Fully decentralized Factorium
June 2020

Our first product built on Konkrete

A decentralized P2P non-custodial invoice factoring market place focused on the B2C segment. FACTORIUM

Stakeholder Updates

We write about regular updates on the progress of the business and our thoughts on how the industry is shaping up here. A select sampling of some of them are provided below.